About Me

Hi, my name is Wendy and I am an avid crafter.  I live with my partner Alan, and our spoiled West Highland Terrier Poppy, who rules our house!  I live in Bristol in the United Kingdom and I have two grown up sons, Marcus and Simon.

Marcus is married to my wonderful daughter-in-law, Thalia, and they have given us two gorgeous twin grandchildren, Amy and Owen, they were born on 4 April 2002 and are our pride and joy.

Simon is single and lives with his friend Louise, they have a West Highland Terrier called Piper and a cat called Cookie.  They also have our dog for us when we go on holiday so we don't need to worry about her.

I have always crafted in some way for most of my life, beginning with knitting, crochet and sewing.  I got into card making by accident.  I was learning calligraphy and the card making developed from there.  This is definitely my kind of craft and I love making cards. 

I was a secretary/pa in a previous life and have now been retired since April 2012 giving me much more time to participate in my hobby.

I am also a keen Zumba fan and attend classes four times a week.

I belong to Kit and Clowder Colouring classes and have learned so much since I started this journey.  I absolutely love the new techniques I learn every month.


  1. Hi o enjoyed looking through your blog and seeing your lovely wee westie. I have two westie terrors not terriers lol no not really they are lovely also my two golden retrievers are great dogs. your cards etc are all beautiful. I'm not sure if I have signed up properly im on my mobile but I have added you to two of my circles. Huggles xxxAnnxxx

    1. Hi Ann, thanks for your kind comments. I'm not sure how the circles work, am still learning new things all the time lol xx


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